It’s never too late to learn.

Tea Time is an English school created specially
for people who are 50+.

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Why should you learn English?

Make your dreams come true

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To make your trips easier

Forget about that manual full of translated sentences! Embark on your next trip being able to confidently communicate in English.

To exercise your brain

Research has shown that exercising the brain by stimulating it with more knowledge and by learning new things is as important to your general health as working out your body.

To help you understand your favorite songs

Our lives are usually accompanied by songs, right? Picture yourself being able to understand and sing along your favorite songs in English!


English | Português


Enrollments all year round

At Tea Time, you will find English courses that will suit your expectations and availability - all year round. Come and meet us!

Practical classes

The purpose of Tea Time is teaching English in a practical and entertaining way. That’s why our classes explore features such as the culture of various countries and people, as well as their history, cooking, literature, music, movies and travel situations, etc.


Tea Time offers an exclusive environment for students over 50s, in which everybody can feel comfortable and ready for this new experience in their lives. Here, the main star is YOU!